About Us

D•Vision Solutions

Midwest D•Vision Solutions, a division of Midwest Commercial Interiors, specializes in specification, technical sales, and installation of CSI Division 9 Floor Cover­ings and Division 10 specialties materials.  We represent a comprehensive line of Division 9 and Division 10 manufacturers and solutions. Our expert team is made up of technical experts with solid backgrounds in construction, architecture, and project management.  We supply and service general contractors, architects, and building owners with professionalism, speed and dependability.

Seven Decades of Service

Started in 1938 as a local, Salt Lake City based, office supply provider, Midwest Commercial Interiors (MWCI) has grown into a full-service provider of commercial furniture, fixtures, floor coverings and spe­cialty architectural and construction finishes. MWCI provides comprehensive planning, design, project & logistics management, installation and warranty services.


MWDS recognizes that architects and general contractors want the peace of mind and confidence that they are working with qualified and experienced subcontractors for their projects. The MWDS Team has over 50 years of combined experience in technical sales, specification, bidding, project management and installation services for architectural and building products.


Rapid response and timely execution are critical performance requirements for Division Specialty suppliers. MWDS and our aligned manufactures are committed to timely performance throughout our process. From specification support to bid documents, shop drawings, project management and on-site work – MWDS delivers top quality products and professional service.


The MWDS Team maintains a simple philosophy of service to our contracting partners and clients. That philosophy is – We are only as good as our last job. We treat each project as an opportunity to work with you again, or as the potential to be our last job. The single sustaining factor that has led to Midwest Commercial Interiors 75 years of success is an unwavering commitment to client service. The company is specifically structured to ensure that the client interface and execution of projects is well coordinated, seamless and efficient.

  • Marshall Tate Marshall Tate President
  • Sean Wright Sean Wright Vice President
  • Eric Reynolds Eric Reynolds, LEED AP, CDT General Manage
  • Grayson Jones Grayson Jones Account Manager Division 9 Flooring
  • Hans Magleby Hans Magleby, Project Manager Division 10 Specialties
  • Devin Nelson Devin Nelson
    Estimator / Project Coordinator
  • Mindi Ostmark Mindi Ostmark Contracts Administrator
  • Roy Hoffman Roy Hoffman
    Installation Coordinator
  • Josh Sides Josh Sides
    Account Manager Division 9 Flooring
  • Chad Winget Chad Winget
    Account Manager Division 9 Flooring
  • Carl Walker Carl Walker
  • Brendon Alexander Brendon Alexander
  • Clayton Scothern Clayton Scothern
  • Brent Pulver Brent Pulver
    Architectural Services
  • Chad Higley Chad Higley
    Director of Field Operations
  • Chris Vandermeide Chris Vandermeide
    Project Manager Division 8 Glass & Glazing
  • Kim Tubbs Kim Tubbs
    Project Manager Division 8 Glass & Glazing
  • Clint Coltrin Clint Coltrin
  • Joe Graves Joe Graves
    Project Manager / Estimator Division 8
  • Dan Mercer Dan Mercer
    Division Manager
  • Darrell Poleviyaoma Darrell Poleviyaoma
  • Brad Bowels Brad Bowels
    Project Manager Division 8 Doors & Hardware
  • Devin Hickenlooper Devin Hickenlooper
    Project Support
  • Irene Wintch Irene Wintch
  • Jeff Pulver Jeff Pulver
    Director of Estimating
  • Brent Cornia Brent Cornia
    Director of Project Management
  • Paul Leake Paul Leake
    Director of Fabrication
  • Ray Erkkila Ray Erkkila
  • Steve Stocks Steve Stocks
    Warehouse Manager
  • Suzzane Brasier Suzzanne Brasier
    Contracts Administrator